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ANALOG PIRANI VACUUM GAUGE DHVE pirani gauges have very wide range of applications where the vacuum measurement needs to be carried between 0.5 mbar to 0.001 mbar. Working principle: The sensor tube of the pirani gauge head consists of a high temperature co-efficient resistance filament. The filament is heated with a constant voltage supply. The variation in pressure in vacuum line causes changes concentration of gas molecules present , in turn the variation in the thermal conductivity of the gas. Hence the heat loss of the electrically heated filament varies with respect to the pressure. This filament is constructed as an arm of the wheat stone bridge. A slight change in system pressure brings larger change in filament resistivity resulting in an imbalance of the bridge. this bridge imbalance current is a measure of pressure which is properly conditioned and displayed on the analog meter.
Analog penning gauge DHVE This is a cold cathode ionisation Gauge consisting of two electrodes anode and cathode. A potential difference of about 2.2 KV is applied between anode and cathode through current limiting resistors. A magnetic field is introduced at right angles to the plane of the electrodes by a permanent magnet having nearly 800 gauss magnetic field which will increase the ionisation current. This cold cathode ionisation gauge works on the principle of cold cathode discharge and ionisation. It is has an anode and a cathode electrode. An electrical potential of approx. 2.2kV is applied between anode and cathode. The electron emission will happen from the cathode (gauge head boby). Here a magnetic is assembled and the magnetic field is introduced. Due to which the ionization current is increased. Since the magnetic field is applied at right angle with the electrodes, the emitted electrons will take a helical path before reaching the anode. Thus following very long path, the chance of collision with gas molecule is high even at low pressures. The secondary electrons produced by ionisation themselves perform similar oscillations and the rate of ionization increases rapidly. This cold cathode penning gauge, with this principle of measurement of vacuum, it is designed to read from 10-2 to 10-6 The high efficiency high voltage DC power supply, rugged electronics design high quality permanent magnets are part of the penning gauge. The ionization current is read from the front panel micro ammeter. Salient Features: • rugged and stabilised DC power supply for accurate reading • Easy maintenance of the sensor • Rugged design for no filament burnout • Instant start up • Standardised to heat and voltage fluctuations • Compatible out put for process set point controller
Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit : DHVEoffers Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit for Laboratory and Industrial Purpose.Essentially there are two types. Thin Film Coating Unit. RF & DC Sputtering Unit Vacuum Coater produces thin, homogenous, uniform, pure film coatings of various metals to achieve controlled effects in applications like optics, electronics, materials, thin film coating etc. DHVE offers Different size of Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit Model 12A4, 15F6, 19F9 & 24F10 with facilities for thermal evaporation, Ion cleaning (bombardment), etc. with accessories for substrate heating, rotation, film thickness monitoring etc. This is a versatile unit both for production as well as research. Optional accessories increase the versatility of the unit making it suitable for a variety of applications, including optical thin film deposition, semiconductors, and micro-electronics. A high speed vacuum pumping system fully integrated with necessary piping and valves operated manually is rated for high gas through- put handling and to produce clean and high vacuum in the chamber. This Vacuum Coating system is wired to operate on 230 V AC, 50Hz single phase power supply / 415 V AC 3 phase power sup
vacuum systems by application: coating systems chemical industry dairy general industries glass industry heat treatment impregnation medical applications pharma (GMP) power plants pulp and paper refrigeration seawater desalination semiconductor vacuum sewage suction vehicles transformer oil regeneration
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