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DIRECT DRIVE VACUUM PUMPS These pumps belonging to series DHVE are designed to work non-stop without any problem, for a long period of time. These are Direct Drive, Double Stage, Oil Sealed, Rotary High Vacuum Pumps wherein, State of the Art technique has been adopted to ensure proper alignment and the fine setting of each & every component used, remain ever undisturbed. The main components of the pumps are made out of the selected superior quality raw materials, which mainly consist of specially treated Cast Iron and Steel. The pump is coupled directly to the Motor shaft without using any additional coupling which not only makes it compact, but also ensures its powerful positive drive sufficiently noiseless. Features Fast Evacuation, Extremely Light Weight, Portable, High Vacuum Generation, Specially treated Vanes for longer life, Low temperature rise, Low Noise & Vibration free performance, Economical, Low-Current Consumption, Versatile Models Applications Gas Charging in ACs and Refrigerators, Car AC Servicing, Laboratories, Research & Development Units High Vacuum Systems, Scientific Equipments, Food Processing Units, Printing and Film Processing, Air Sampling / Environmental Studies, Vacuum Forming, Electronic & Electrical Industries.
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