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Digital Thickness Monitor Dinesh high vacuum engineering manufacturer Specifications : Thickness maximum : Transducer limited typically 5000 micro gm/ As much as 20, 000 micro gm/sq for well behaved materials (2.0 micro gm/ 37 Ang.A). Rate Display: 3 digit LED Thickness display : Automatically varied 0.4 to 5 update/sec. Static thickness resolution : 1 Ang at min update rate Input parameter : Tooling factor, density and acoustic impedance inputs allow readout directly in angstroms. Films no: Allows input parameter for 1 to 100 films to be entered. Tooling factor : 1.0 to 999.9% Film accoustc impedance : 5.000 to 99.99x10-5gm/cm.sec. Shutter control : Dedicated relay. Thickness set point : 0.000 to 990.9% K.Ang. shutter relay closed when displayed thickness equals or exceed set point. Start Control : Zero thickness and open shutter relay Stop Control : Zero thickness and close shutter relay Shutter position indicator : LED `ON` indicates shutter relay activated. Crystal compatibility: 5 or 6 MHz, jumper, jumper selectable. Crystal Holder : Water cooled. Crystal health : % of crystal life remaining 0% of life referenced to a film thickness of 925K.A of Aluminium. Crystal Frequency : 5 or 6 MHz. (Selectable) Output control : Rate of thickness select. Full scale and zero scale O/P useful in calibration recording equipment. Self test : Automatic detection and indication of oscillator failure, power line failure, internal failure Power requirement : 230V AC, 50Hz, 5 Amps contect 9818085534
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