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DHVEPirani gauge, digital versions with sensor have wide range of applications in high vacuum systems. The measuring range of DHVE Pirani gauge is up to 10-3mbar. Within limits, decreasing pressure causes decrease in particle density, increase in their mean free path and lowering of the thermal conductivity of the medium. Pirani gauge head and gauge use this principle for system pressure measurement. The gauge consists of the stabilized power supply and the indicating meter with the arrangement to select any two gauge head consists of the bridge and calibration elements. These heads are factory calibrated with full interchangeability in filed Applications ?Laboratories ?Optical and thin film coating industries ?Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries ?Semiconductor industries ?Vacuum metallurgy and many more… Features ?Engineered for total reliability ?Totally indigenous ?Compact solid state electronics ?Wide angle meter for unambiguous indication ?Two gauge head drive capability ?Minimum controls ?No user calibration ?Modular hardware ?Ideal for roughing, fore-line pressure monitoring ?Compatible output for process set point controller
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